Mandelbrot setMandelbrot set

Below you find six successive zooms of the Mandelbrot set with a Musical Generator 3.0. All pictures were generated with a Musical Generator. If you have a plot of the Mandelbrot or Julia set, just select an area with the mouse and the plotter automatically zooms in. Music related to that fractal automatically changes too, so be aware. The last picture is plotted again in rainbow and 4 colors.

Try Mandelbrot zooming yourself

Just for fun, click in the picture to zoom into certain areas. This small application is faster when your computer has more processors. The capabilities of a Musical Generator are very powerful in this respect.

Right click
- zoom in
- zoom out
- restart
- change color


Zoom 1

Zoom 2

Zoom 3

Zoom 4

Zoom 5

Zoom 5 with rainbow colors

Zoom 5 with four colors.