Previewof a Musical Generator

A Musical Generator is a shareware program that creates music and MIDI files from fractals, pictures, text and numbers. Lots of fractals can be used and each fractal can be adjusted in infinite ways to create music. Also you can turn bitmaps into music. You can use the names of yourself and your friend to see whether they sound good together. And you can insert your tax figures, model results, spread sheets or whatever numeric source in order to create music.

MuSoft logoStarting a Musical Generator

On top are several tabs from which you can choose a fractal. The fractal you click upon appears in the left pane. We call that a vector. There you can edit its properties and dragging it to one of the aspect buttons on the left.

Opening screen

MuSoft logoAssigning notes to tracks

By dragging a vector to an aspect button it is assigned to that aspect for a specific track.

Playing music

MuSoft logoPlotting a vector

The plotter can help you in customizing your own fractals, as here with the Mandelbrot set.

Using the plotter

MuSoft logoThe Piano Roll

The piano roll helps you to evaluate your music.

Piano roll

MuSoft logoMIDI Messages

The MIDI messages view gives you insight how exactly a Musical Generator interprets your music.

MIDI Messages

MuSoft logoEditing a vector

Each fractal has an editor so you can change its properties.

Fractal editor

MuSoft logoDownloading a Musical Generator

If you haven't downloaded a Musical Generator, you are invited to do so. Go to the download page. If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, refer to the support page.