In version 3.0In version 3.0

The latest version of a Musical Generator is version 3.0. Version 3.0 has fractalized almost every aspect of MIDI music. Drums, controllers, your own events, all can be fractalized. See below for the features.

Added feautures Added features

  • Create wallpapers with aMG using the plotter.
  • Add fractal drums to your composition.
  • MIDI controllers can now be controlled with fractals so that you can now fractalize each aspect of MIDI generated music (pitch wheel, aftertouch, panning or whatsoever).
  • Insert your own MIDI events to change an instrument in the midst of a composition.
  • It is possible to assign a different sound card to each MIDI channel.
  • Each MIDI channel can be assigned a different music scale.
  • The fractal editors have been tremendously improved. You can now fine tune how and which parts of a fractal you wish to hear.
  • Several fractals have been added with exciting new possibilities. These are:
    • The Lyapunow fractal has been added (section complex maps) with many features.
    • Try the IFF fractal (sections other) with the fern, sierpinksi and 'weird' appearances. Generates rather fluent music.
    • The Rossler fractal has been added (section dynamic systems) though this fractal is a bit 'touchy' for input values.
    • If you want a new fractal to be added, please email its details so we can add it.
  • You have now precise control over the colors of the fractals. Viewing fractals is now so much pleasure.
  • Context sensitive help is added.
  • You can check now for newer versions. Do it at your own wish (help menu) or automatically (View|Options).

Added feautures Removed bugs

  • Sometimes, when saving as MIDI, an integer overflow occurred. This has been removed.
  • The first note was inserted before the patch change took effect. Now the MIDI patch is sent before the first note.
  • The Instruments editor appeared as to be able to change the instrument names. It does not any more.
  • The help file now reflects the current capabilities.
  • Texts and pictures could not be loaded from file, this generated an error. This has been corrected.
  • The Range Check Error has been corrected.
  • Error messages when saving as MIDI file are corrected.
  • Error messages when using the Pitch Wheel are corrected.
  • The user defined fractal had problems. They should have been removed by now.
  • The color options has been removed. They can now be changed for each vector or windows.
  • The names for the patches did not appear, they do so in this version.
  • When a MIDI channel was selected and play was pressed, focus moved to MIDI channel 16 without showing this. The selection does now act as expected.

Added feautures Known bugs

  • When editing a complex map that is being plotted, previewing and plotting slows down to a crawl. One might even think that the system hangs. This is not so, so be careful not to kill aMG. Either close the plot or wait until plotting is finished before editing a complex map.
  • Converting texts to music is limited to 64 KB. The program hardly warns when exceeding this limit.